Dr. Zhang Ge’s research team in IBTS has been invited to participate in China’s first cargo spacecraft program “Tianzhou-1” in 2016

July 02, 2014

China plans to launch the “Tianzhou-1” cargo spacecraft to send supplies to the“Tiangong-2” space station, including propellants, living necessities forastronauts and equipment for scientific research in 2016. According to the task demands and launch schedule, Technology and Engineering Center for Space Utilization (CSU) of Chinese Academy of sciences held the training meeting forall the participants. Dr. Zhang Ge’s team in IBTS has also been invited to participate in the “Tianzhou-1” program and carry out a subtopic of the joint project “Effect of microgravity condition on cell proliferation and differentiation”. Mr. Liang Chao as the representative of Dr. Zhang Ge’s team in IBTS attended the meeting and was issued a certificate.

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