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August 25, 2013The SCM and IBTS invited Prof. Peng Shang to visit IBTS at HKBU and give a speech titled with “The development and perspective in space life science research in China” on August 24th, 2013.
August 15, 2013The SCM and IBTS invited Prof. Tomoko Yamamoto, the Professor from Chiba University, to deliver a lecture titled with ‘Bacterial Nanomachines: The Flagellum and Injectisome as Infection Strategies’.
July 29, 2013The SCM and IBTS invited Prof. Mats Gustafsson, professor from Uppsala University, to deliver a lecture on Medical Bioinfomatics.
July 09, 2013Two IBTS members were invited to make speech on the 8th combined meeting of orthopaedic research societies.
July 06, 2013IBTS staffs attended School of Chinese Medicine Retreat.
June 20, 2013The IBTS, Suzhou Ribo and KSRI held a seminar on CKIP-1 siRNA and consulted further cooperation.
June 18, 2013Institute of Integrated Bioinformedicine and Translational Science and the Shanghai Institute of Biochemistry and Cell Biology held a mini-symposium.
June 17, 2013Prof. Aiping Lu led Chinese delegation to ISO plenary meeting on Chinese medicine.
June 13, 2013The SCM and IBTS invited Prof. Wei Jia, Associate Director from University of Hawaii Cancer Center, to delivery a lecture on cancer metabolomics.
May 23, 2013The first conference of Production-Study-Research platform for aptamer-based innovative drug discovery and development was held in Shenzhen.
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