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April 30, 2013The SCM and IBTS invited Dr. Weihong Tan, the distinguished professor from University of Florida, to deliver lectures on bio-nanotechnology and chemical biology approaches.
April 02, 2013Congratulation to successful application of joint research proposal regarding combinational drug discovery from IBTS, Department of Physics and Department of Biology in HKBU.
March 29, 2013Guanghua Hospital cooperated with the School of Chinese Medicine and Institute of Integrated Bioinformedicine and Translational Science to set up a national biobank in China.
February 04, 2013The SCM and IBTS signed a contract with KSRI for establishing an Academician Workroom for Institute of Integrated Bioinformedicine and Translational Science.
January 26, 2013Prof. Albert Sun Chi Chan, Prof. Aiping Lu and Dr. Ge Zhang attended the plaque-unveiling ceremony of the collaborated Biomedical Lab co-organized by Hong Kong Baptist University and Jinan University.
January 08, 2013Dr. Ge Zhang’s Lab has published findings on a non-coding RNA regulating bone formation from clinical specimens in Nature Medicine.
November 20, 2012The SCM and IBTS invited Prof. Hong Zhou, the associate professor from the University of Sydney, to deliver a lecture on the role of osteoblasts in Rheumatoid Arthritis.
November 17, 2012The SCM and IBTS invited Prof. Jiake Xu, the Professor from the University of Western Australia (UWA), to deliver a lecture titled with ‘Angiogenic Factors in Bone Local Environment’.
October 28, 2012The first annual meeting of Bioinformatics & Drug Design Platform was held in Shenzhen on October 26~28, 2012.
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