Aptamer-drug conjugate for targeted cancer therapy presented by HKBU undergraduate students won the Gold Prize and the best project video (2nd place) in Biomod 2016, San Francisco, USA

October 31, 2016

HK-Buddy, a HKBU undergraduate group, participated and won the Gold Prize and the best project video (2nd place) in the annual biomolecular design competition for students-Biomod 2016 held in the University of California, San Francisco on 26-28 October 2016. The awarded project topic is ‘A smart anti-tumor drug, nucleolin aptamer-paclitaxel conjugate’, which is an ongoing research work conducted in Prof. Aiping Lu and Prof. Ge Zhang’s laboratory. Under the supervision of Prof. Ge Zhang, Dr. Fangfei Li and Dr. Daogang Guan, the five group members: Xinzhou Xu, Loktung Wong, Jucheng Yu, Yilin Zhang from School of Chinese Medicine and Shihan Liu from Department of Computer Science have made great efforts and elaborate preparations for the competition for more than half a year utilizing their spare time. Their initiatives and innovative thinking throughout the preparation period, and their confidence and optimistic spirits during the competition impressed their supervisors, the judges and the audiences. To date, this is the first time for HKBU students won the Gold Prize of Biomod competition since the 1st competition started.


The certificates of awards for Biomod 2016.


HK-BUddy group members: Yilin Zhang (up-left), Jucheng Yu (up-right), Xinzhou Xu (middle), Loktung Wong (bottom-left) and Shihan Liu (bottom-right).


Dr. Fangfei Li was tutoring HK-BUddy group on project details.


A group photo of HK-BUddy members with Prof. Ge Zhang.


A group photo of HK-BUddy members with Dr. Fangfei Li.


A group photo of HK-BUddy members with IBTS advisors. From left to right: Dr. Daogang Guan, Mr. Ju Lu, Dr. Fangfei Li, Miss Hui Yan, Miss Yilin Zhang, Mr. Jucheng Yu, Mr. Xinzhou Xu, Miss. Loktung Wong and Prof. Ge Zhang.

The video can be available at: http://www.systembioinfo.org/hkbuddy/

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