IBTS and CCIR winter gathering in Guangzhou

January 27, 2015

Members of the Institute for Advancing Translational Medicine in Joint & Bone Diseases (IBTS) and Shum Yiu Foon Shum Bik Chuen Memorial Centre for Cancer and Inflammation Research (CCIR) joined together for two days of activities in Guangzhou, China on January 24 and 25, 2015.

One of the main events of this winter gathering was a “Simulated War Game” activity, where teams of mixed colleagues from the IBTS and CCIR battled it out amongst themselves. Twenty colleagues from the two groups, including Dr. Ge Zhang (Deputy Director of IBTS), research staff and postgraduate students participated in the games. The intense experience, which required the detailed planning of complex strategies and coordination between team members, was a success for team building and positive energy was created among all those involved. Time spent together allowed colleagues to build relationships and strengthen team spirit. The winter gathering accomplished an increased understanding between colleagues with different research backgrounds, strengthening potential future cooperation.

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